If you are thinking about ways to make your backyard less like an empty field and more like an integral part of your home, you have probably been considering how you can make a better transition from the house to the great outdoors. So many people these days have discovered the wonder of having a deck built, as this can be both an improvement to your outdoor life, and a fantastic investment for your home.

Installing a deck is one of the best things you can do to improve the beauty and utility of your backyard. Decks give you a wonderful place to show off your gorgeous outdoor furniture, and a perfect area for everything from grilling to entertaining friends. There’s also the issue of the value of your home – having a deck in the backyard can really help raise the value of your property, and if and when it comes time to sell, potential buyers can certainly be enticed by a home that already has a deck ready to go.

So what kind of deck would be suitable for your home? Obviously this is not the sort of project that comes pre-packaged. Decks are made from scratch, and can be built to just about any specification, so regardless of what you had in mind, you should have no problem turning your dream deck into a reality. Decks can be anything from patio size to covering a good percentage of the yard, so how elaborate you want to make your deck is really up to your ideas and your budget.

There are some decisions to be made that can affect the maintenance and longevity of your deck. A wood deck is a classic choice, and its stunning appearance will tempt just about everyone, but there is a certain amount of upkeep involved in having a wood deck. Wood needs special care and periodic resealing, and is more prone to being affected by the weather. A composite deck, on the other hand, not only has a long life span, it is a great addition to your home in terms of resale value. Many people who are looking to buy a home do not want to take on a project that is going to require a good deal of maintenance, so a composite deck may be a better choice if you think you will be selling your home at some point.

Having a deck can also cut down on things like landscaping costs and yard work. Think about it – whatever part of your lawn is covered by the deck, you’ll never have to mow again! You can take that extra time and pop some lunch on the grill instead. Having a deck can really help you spend less time working in your yard, and more time enjoying it.