Have you ever thought that you’d like to turn part of your outdoor landscaping into a luxurious and relaxing pond? Think about it: a gorgeous pond in a design of your choosing, perhaps with some koi fish or a gently bubbling fountain. This could turn into the best part of your outdoor experience, a wonderful, relaxing place of your own to spend time around the beauty of water and all that a pond has to offer.

Building a pond may seem like a major undertaking, and of course it is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming or written off as impossible. With your design in mind and the right kinds of products and assistance, it’s actually quite reasonable to build the water garden of your dreams right in your own backyard. Most ponds, regardless of shape or size, all have the same basic elements, and as long as you stick with quality pond products and follow some fundamental guidelines, making your own pond or water garden is probably a lot easier than you’d expect.

So what sort of pond or water feature can you have? What kind of design should you choose? The sky is pretty much the limit, but of course the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient designs involve creating a pond that works with the natural lay of the land. You can build the sort of pond that will make use of the hilly or more textured areas of your landscape, but ponds in flat areas can be just as beautiful and enjoyable, especially when combined with some sort of decking or seating area. Basically it’s up to you, but a smart design usually involves taking what you already have and using the addition of a pond to enhance the natural beauty of the area.

If even a small pond is still a more involved project than you had in mind, we can still accommodate your needs. Self-contained water features are very popular, less involved than a permanent pond, and can be a great alternative if you feel that a built-in pond would just be too much for the area you had in mind. Also, a self-contained water feature is ultimately portable, so if you ever move to a new home, you you don’t have to worry about leaving your beautiful pond behind if you really don’t want to.

We have all sorts of fantastic pond products and ideas to help get you started, so if you’ve seriously been considering your next step toward getting a pond, stop by our showroom and let us help you turn your backyard into the water garden of your dreams.